About me

Gertjan Sluijer

Photo enthusiast


To be honest, I don’t even know if that’s a word: photo enthusiast. It describes my passion for photography. As a fulltime IT professional living in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands I have a limited amount of time. So it is a privilege having photography as a hobby in my spare time. This website is a presentation of all the souvenirs from around the world I have collected during my travels in recent years.

Nature photography is all about timing. Whether being at sunrise or sunset in a landscape or photographing animals, it’s all about patience and the right moment to get the best results. This patience and timing allows me to enjoy breathtaking sceneries to the fullest. Photography is a motivation for travelling to great destinations and capture it my way. I hope you will enjoy my ‘souvenirs’. Thank you for visiting my website.

My photos are copyrighted. You must ask permission to use the pictures on this website. Requests for permission will considered on a case by case basis.


             Lut desert, Iran


          Wulingyuan, China